I must say, Napa Valley was an impromptu trip that ended up being one of the best weekends hubby and I have had in a long time. Because we’re not big wine drinkers, I don’t think we expected to enjoy ourselves as much as we did. Our weekend in Napa Valley was the perfect fusion of Fun & Chill. 

To make the most of our weekend, we caught the earliest direct  flight out from Atlanta to San Francisco & then drove approximately 1.5 hours to Napa. Since this was our first time in Napa, we decided to stay in a central location of Downtown Napa which is also where most of the tasting rooms are located, win win in our opinion. We pulled up to our hotel and were immediately greeted with wine (Big Smiles) . We dropped our bags off in our suite and immediately hit the town.

Our first day we decided to do a tasting at our hotel, walk around and did a bit of sightseeing, grab something to eat, and checked out the local shops. I would 100 percent recommend staying downtown Napa your first time. 

Our hotel concierge planned our Saturday from the morning till that evening. We started off by taking a 20 minute Uber ride to Robert Mondavi  Winery & it was spectacular. Our tour showed us the entire process from start to finish on how they make their wine and then it ended with us tasting around 6 wines and cheese, bread & crackers that complimented the wine. The tour and tasting are around 2 hours.  After purchasing some bottles we Ubered back to Downtown Napa to go to our next Tasting Room appointment at Brown Napa Valley, the first Black Owned Estate Winery in Napa (est 1996)

(Check Out My YouTube video to see a tour of our hotel suite and more)

The tasting room appointment and the winery tours are night and day from each other. The tasting room has more of a chill relaxing vibe where you basically sit at a huge bar and taste wine. It’s a great experience, but not as personal as the wine tours at the on-site wineries because you have one person serving several people, versus one tour guide that also served you wine in a private room. 

So here’s where we DID THE MOST by going to our third tasting room at the Housley Napa Valley(by this time we had consumed around 10 or more glasses of wine within 4 hours 🤣 & still had more to go!) We get to the Housley Tasting Room and to my surprise, Tamera was actually the person serving us! Her husband Adam was also there serving guests. I must say, they are so down to earth and Tamera kept complimenting my hair. She loved how healthy my hair looked with color. We chatted a bit about hair and then took the picture above.

After that, we were LIT and ended up trying to walk all the wine off  🤣before our dinner reservations. I have never had so much wine, but I wouldn’t change anything about that day.  

Our final day in Napa we were absolutely and completely hungover so we went to get breakfast (my favorite, Chicken & Waffles)  and did more sightseeing & shopping at an outlet mall nearby. We didn’t do any more wine tasting, because later that day we had a 4-hour drive to our next destination. I really enjoyed my stay in Napa & Plan on making Napa Valley a yearly vacation destination.

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