Winter weather can really do a number on your skin. Especially your face. Think about it, usually your face is the only part of your body totally exposed to the elements (unless you wear ski masks & thats not HOTT at all)  when you go about your day. Here are a few simple things you can do to protect your skin in the winter months.


1. Cleanse with caution- look for a  natural skincare line that focuses on providing gentle   products  formulated without synthetic fragrances, animal derivatives and harsh chemicals that might dry out or irritate your skin.


2. Exfoliate your skin- this may sound counterintuitive, but gently exfoliating your skin actually helps you to shed off dead skin cells, in return, allow your creams, lotions & potions to work better. I recommend exfoliating no more than once a week in the winter months. Also make sure the product you are using, does not contain harsh ingredients like glycolic acid, this may be too much exfoliation  which will do more harm than good in the long run.


3. Tone-  Alcohol free of course!  Toner temporarily tightens the skin and acts as a double cleanser after face wash.  There are numerous debates as to tone or not to tone. I say tone. It does wonders for the skin.


4. Use a great moisturizer- Thicker doesn’t always mean better! Look for moisturizers with great ingredients like jojoba, glycerin or sorbitol just to name a few. You should have a day & night cream. For day, make sure the moisturizer contains SPF of at least 30. For night, look for creams that contain retinol, Retinol has been known to unclog pores, boost collagen, reduce fine lines & wrinkles, speed cell turnover & even out discoloration. This is beneficial for every age group.

5. Protect your skin- While most of us women don’t look at your foundations as a protectant, a non comedogenic foundation will do just that. Not only does todays foundation make you look good, they can offer some serious anti-aging benefits, protect your skin from pollution, the sun & help you to balance out dry or oily skin.

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