Organize your Closet
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Out with the old, end with the new. Make money while clearing out too!

The new year always tend to spark organization, and though I don’t believe in resolutions,
(I much prefer goal setting), I do think January is a great time to start the process.

Here are tips to organize the clothes in your closet & make some cash in the process!

1. Clear it out

Clear out anything you haven’t wore in the last 6 months. That includes things that you are holding on to that are too big, too small, needs repairs. You get the point.

2. Organise

Create 4 piles. Throw Away, Give Away, Set Away & Sell It.

Throw away things that are worn, stained & look just awful! The things that you are looking at, wondering why it was in your closet in the first place.

Give away things that are in great condition, but doesn’t fit & doesn’t have much value, or is outdated. I’m not talking crap here, don’t give items to charity that you wouldn’t dare wear (but then again, how did it end up in your closet in the first place)

Set away things that are out of season, but you wear on a regular bascis. I would make sure you go through the pile & make sure you aren’t packing away things that you don’t wear. It just takes up space in the long run. if you are torn about some items, put them aside & come back to them later.

Now you may be wondering where the sell pile will come from. I want you to look at the rest of the clothes left like they have dollars attached to them. Do your have designer jeans in the pile that you know are too small? Look at each pair as a twenty dollar bill! Do you have clothes with tags still on them & you haven’t worn them yet? CHA-CHING! Do you have nice designer handbags that don’t fit your lifestyle anymore, but are just in your closet collecting dust? CHA-CHING! Do you have evening, or cocktail dresses that you know you won’t wear again? You know it, CHA-CHING! Place all those items carefully in the sell bin. We will get back to the sell bin in a minute.

3. Put it back

Put items back in the closet by color & by shortest to longest. Think about how high end boutiques organize their racks. I personally like to organize things by color. It visually looks more appealing to me. sofor example, blouses, white blouses, shortsleeve to longsleeve white blouses.
Now back to the sell bin. Are you wondering how you are going to sell your items?
Here are a few suggestions. I would find out where your local designer consignment shop is located & give them a call to see what brands they accept & inquire about their policies. I would call at least 2. As a fellow consignment shop owner, this is my top suggestion. If you would prefer to sell the items yourself, ebay & amazon are great options, just know that there will be more work involved then you think. If you have high end designer items & don’t have the time to deal with taking your items to consignment shops, most of them have a pick up service. Also, I’ve heard nothing but great things about the which is a online consignment store. They also have some type of pick up service for high end designer items. Check their site out to find more information about their services.

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