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As you all know, I am in the process of remodeling my house. (The most fun & stressful thing I have tackled in a long time) I must say, things are creeping along! I thought I would be finished by now & I have only just begun! I am 90% complete with My Bedroom as well as with my 3 youngest babies room. (By babies, I mean 16,14 & 12 lol) My plan for this week is to tackle my Mid Century Modern dining room set. The table & chairs along with the matching buffet needs some sprucing up. The dining room chairs also need to be reupholstered. It literally took me 3 days to pull all the staples out of the 8 chairs!! We are talking 60+ years of staples!!!! I promise I will have pictures soon to show you all!

I have also been dealing with the news of my Best Friend being diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She’s not even 40 years old!!! This news just took the wind out of me! When you love someone, you are in the trenches with them! When they hurt, you hurt. It’s even harder for me because we live in two different states! She’s in Detroit and I’m in Atlanta. We have been Besties since high school. We know each other so much that, she doesn’t have to say a word for me to know how she’s feeling inside. She is truly my sister! Needless to say….I’m hurt by this news. Because of this, I haven’t really been in the mood to write, take pictures or do anything to be honest with you. I lost my mom to cancer a few years back; she was only 46 years old when she passed away and to see another person I love have to fight this disease , just pisses me off!  Anyway, I will get off my soapbox! I know my God is a healer and that my dear sister will be just fine. I can’t wait to tell you she is Cancer Free!!! People who know me know that I am extremely private and when I decided to commit to this blog I knew I had to open up and let you into my life, so here goes nothing!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this look!

Outfit Details:

80’s does 40’s Vintage 2 Piece polka dot peplum skirt suit, Shoes, Gucci Suede Peep Toe Pump, Clutch ( from my boutique) Pearl Earrings, Vintage( from my boutique) Watch, Vintage Anne Klien , Shades, Betsy Johnson

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