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There’s been ALOT going on in the world and I have admittedly been STRESSED! 2020 has been rough, to say the least, and I don’t know about you, but when things get rough, I like to snack to deal with the stress (raise your hand if you’re an emotional eater🙋🏾). Well, my snacking for 4 months resulted in around 20 pounds of weight gain! 20 POUNDS 😔 Before “Rona” I was a fitness junkie, a health nut, a gym rat. I worked out minimally 5 days a week and 3 of the 5 days, I worked out twice a day. I had an entire fitness regime that included Weightlifting, Yoga & Zumba. I also was careful with my diet. Well, all that went out the window beginning of March.

March Started off good with my youngest daughter Nala turning 18, then Boom… “Covid-19 in full effect! I will say that in February, Hubby and I started Social Distancing because we just felt deep down that this was going to be more than “Just Another Flu” which was being said by the President that shall remain Nameless. With each month that went by, my snacking became worse, Let me also throw in the fact that my Husbae was snacking right along with me and has yet to gain one pound 🙄…ANYWHO, fast forward to May, baby girl graduated high school 2020 which added to my stress, mainly out of concern for her, I mean you only graduate high school one time.

Then June arrives, and I’m like, I feel awful! I start noticing that my thighs had started to rub together with a mighty force. In my mind, I’m like hubby and I are still Intermittent Fasting, going on walks Monday-Friday, and on Saturday we walked as a family so surely I wasn’t gaining any weight right. I mean it’s not our normal workout schedule, but we’re keeping active.  On one of our walks around our neighborhood, I tell hubby, snap a picture of me for the Gram I look at the picture(Shown Below) and I’m like 😳  I’m FAT

I want to also insert my disclaimer that this is my life, my experience, my journey and it is not at all meant to make anyone feel bad or guilty about their weight, nor is it meant to make anyone feel bad about gaining weight during this time (We Are In A Pandemic) but for me, this was a DRASTIC change from how I normally eat, so I started feeling it, which then led to me seeing the changes my body had made in such a short time. Anyway, back to what this post is about.

After mentally coming to grips with the fact that I had put on a few pounds, I decided to start JJ Smith’s 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse. I have done this cleanse several times ( this being my 4th) and each time I have lost around 8 to 10 pounds. I’m not going to lie to you, the 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse is HARD. The first time I did the cleanse, I almost passed out a few times, lol and wanted to quit, but my oldest daughter was doing it with me so I couldn’t. I literally was STARVING the entire 10 days. I vowed never to be that hungry again in life, so the 2nd and 3rd time I did the cleanse, I did the modified version. (and still lost 8 pounds)This being my 4th time, I wanted to jump into high gear and do the full cleanse so that I could totally reset my bad eating habits. I will say, you must first mentally prepare for the cleanse before physically doing it. I also want to say that it is important to read the book so that you know the “why” behind what you are doing if you decide to do this cleanse.

I took notes on my daily experiences for you, so that you know what detox symptoms I was experiencing. I also plan to do a follow-up video on my thoughts about the cleanse, so make sure you’re subscribed to my channel for the updates. (Subscribe Here)

Get your copy of the JJ Smith Green Smoothie Cleanse( Here)

Now Let’s get to it!

Day 1

I was able to do my morning workout like normal, but around 5 PM I started feeling a bit Lethargic. I’m not as hungry as I thought I would be so that’s good. Smoothie wasn’t nasty. I drink my Smoothies, have my 2 snacks(one in between each smoothie) take my MagO7 pills, and go to bed.

Day 2

Down 2 pounds…OK Then the MagO7 hits… On the toilet ALL DAY.. Very Lethargic. What have I gotten myself into.

Day 3

Down almost 2 pounds, dull headache all day (very normal during a detox) Skin feeling a bit dry

dizzy, lethargic but my AB’S coming through

Day 4

Down almost a Pound.. I’ll take it!

Dull Headache, Lethargic, Not Hungry and haven’t been at all soo far, Smoothie not the best tasting

Day 5

Down 1 pound 2 ounces. OK BOO, I see you!

Feeling much better, but I’m Still Going number 2 all day, so I decide to take one less pill because this is ridiculous! Not Hungry

Day 6

Down almost a pound.. I’ll take it

Going down to one less pill has had my poops almost completely stop altogether. Feeling a bit bloated. Not Hungry

Having breathing issues 

Day 7

I have gained 2 ounces..I wasn’t expecting that

I didn’t eat all my snacks the night before because I was feeling bloated

Also realizing my body doesn’t like bananas (one of the ingredients in the smoothie)

Feeling bloated again

Back taking my regular amount of the MagO7’s

Having Breathing Issues

Day 8

Down 4 ounces 🙄 annoyed, smoothie tastes plain ole AWFUL

I was losing almost a pound, if not a pound a day. I think it’s from going down to one less pill.

Now I’m wondering if my weight loss is from going number 2.

Day 9

Down almost a pound,

100 percent tired of smoothies, but i’m almost at the finish line

Day 10

Down a few ounces

Glad to be done with the cleanse, totally over it all!

Didn’t lose 10 pounds and I was a bit annoyed 

Day 11

I’m TEN POUNDS DOWN AND Waist 4 inches smaller (2 more to go to get back to my normal waist size before Covid 

I Made Fat Flush Soup (check out my recipe here

Was it worth it, ABSOLUTELY IT WAS!

Now Here are my Pro’s and Con’s


The Cleanse is relatively easy

Most of the smoothies are tasty

It allows you to get in tune with your body

If you stick with it and do it correctly, you will lose some weight


Too much fruit ( in my opinion)

A bit costly getting all the items needed for cleanse

The MagO7 pills are a bit unpredictable & you have to guess the amount needed.

Here are a few tips

Add more green veggies than fruit

Add plant based protein to smoothies to keep you fuller longer

Take MagO7 pills (get yours here) the night before your cleanse to jump start your detox

Drink ALOT of water ( 1/2 your weight in ounces) I’t minimizes the detox symptoms

Try and get as much organic fruit & veggies as possible

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