Well I’m going to just let it all hang out (Literally) in this post. With this being my first post of the year I have to admit that I’m a little “fluffier” than I would prefer, BUT I’m still FIRE!Lol..

As I continue my Self Love/Self Care Journey, I know that my “fluffiness” has been a bit out of my control due to medication’s, and now that I’m off I can get back to my workout & eating regimen.

This is my first post of the year because I’ve LITERALLY been under the weather since the year started. Thankfully(so far) I’ve been able to dodge the Flu but because I didn’t want to go to the doctor (Where The Flu/Sick People Are) I suffered longer than I needed too. When I finally went, I had to go through two rounds of Antibiotics and Steroids(Fluffy Enhancer Pills I like to call them). For some reason Steroids give me the “MUNCHIES” GEESH! I eat like I’m 12 months Pregnant with triplets, lol!

The old Nina would never post a picture showing my mid-section imperfections, But the New & Improved Nina knows that I’m Perfectly IMPERFECT. My blog is all about Realness. So here’s looking at the real Nina! A real body unedited and BEAUTIFUL!

I have learned that I have to love ME through Thick or Thin(literally, lol) all of me, I’m beautiful no matter what size I am, why, Because I work on my inner beauty, which is way more important than outer,

I know in this “Instagram World” people sometimes forget this with all the filters available nowadays, people sometimes forget that you can’t filter a bad attitude, or filter your negative self image and thoughts.

I pray that my posts truly inspire people and as I show more of my vulnerability, more people with a platform will do that same and we can put a end to this “Perfection” fakeness! I refuse to build my influence by being unauthentic!

Well On To the Outfit Details….

Chanel Bomber (Vintage)

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