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 Here are some quick tips on how I clean my bedroom. Let me start off by saying, I by no means a cleaning expert, but I will share a few tips on what has worked for me. Enjoy

Tip: Always work from top to bottom.

The first thing I do is open my curtains to let in more light into the room. I always start by making my bed. Why, because in extreme cases you can use your bed to fold clothes and temporarily placing things that need to go elsewhere (clean items of course)

Second, I tend to clean off my nightstands, wiping everything down, dustings, removing things that don’t belong. A great tip is to carry a small basket with you and put items in the basket and when you finish, put up everything in the basket. I’m kind of a weirdo in that I like being a bit inefficient and move around more to burn more calories, but in a time crunch, I know how to get things done faster. I have mirrored nightstands so I literally have to wipe the entire thing down. My favorite glass cleaner Sprayway Glass Cleaner ( Literally the best glass cleaner ever)

 After wiping everything down, I put it right back where they belong on the stands. I always start with mine first, because it’s always junkier than my husband’s. Then I remove the pillows from the Settee and vacuum ( A settee is a fancy word for a loveseat, but usually is a bit fancier than a traditional loveseat, but it’s basically the same thing) and then, of course, place the pillows back.

You can watch my youtube video here to see my cleaning in action and me dancing, lol

The last thing I do is vacuum the floors. One of my new favorite vacuums and what I consider a dupe for the Dyson V11 cordless Vacuum is the Simplicity Vacuum If you’re reading this, you are getting first dibs on something so I suggest you grab this vacuum before it sells out because when my Youtube Video and blog go live on this product, it will sell out. The vacuum in the Youtube Video above is complete trash so I wasn’t about to link it! I originally purchased the “unmentioned vacuum” because It was sleek and included a HEPA filter bag, which I haven’t been able to find in a cordless vacuum, but when I tell you that vacuum has NO SUCTION… a $600 + vacuum with no suction is Ridiculous! Oreck was wrong for that! 

After vacuuming, there’s not much left to do other than putting things back in place.

Let me know how you all clean your bedrooms. Do you do anything differently? Any suggestions? Comment below.

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