Hello Beautiful People, I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s been in a Funk, so I thought I would share a few things I did to improve my mood.

I’m generally a pretty upbeat person, but I must say, my hormones (which I will talk about more in another post) and the Coronavirus has had my mood all over the place. I mean the constant concern for myself & my loved ones and even for people I don’t know has had me in a funk that has been hard to shake. I mean we are in a pandemic and have the absolute most incompetent President Ever in History, making decisions (or lack thereof ) for our country. It’s like watching a train wreck but unfortunately, we’re on the train. 

I knew I had to break the bad mood cycle so here are 5 Things I did to improve my mood during this Pandemic:

  1. Start your day off with prayer, meditation & affirmation. I’m not going to discuss religion, because I believe that’s a personal decision, but I will say this, prayer works. Then I meditate using an app on my phone (there are a few free Apps so just pick whichever one you like) I follow that up with a personal affirmation that I recite out loud. ( If you want to know more on my affirmation process, leave a comment below)
  2. I write down one thing I’m grateful for in my personal gratitude journal ( get yours here)
  3. Then I go for a walk and start my exercise regime. (if you don’t exercise regularly, you can just go for a 20-minute walk) get those endorphins going, it really does help your mood.
  4. Reduce Social Media and Watching the news, I know we all want to stay current with what’s going on with the virus, but hearing about black people being murdered by cops and people dying from coronavirus all day every day…It’s ALOT!!  It really does take a toll on your mood.
  5. Watch what I am eating, Junk food makes you feel like junk! Coming from a former emotional eater, I get it. You feel amazing at the moment, but then afterward, awful! Feed your body good things and you will feel good!

Well, I hope this helps you because it really has helped me get a grip on things. I won’t lie and say that every day is blissfully wonderful, but I will say that it;m been more good than bad since I’ve implemented these practices.

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