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I just wanted to update you on my Weight Loss Journey. When I started this journey, I was soo unhappy with the way I looked. I just didn’t feel like myself. Wearing a size 12 just didn’t feel rite on me. (This isn’t going to be my normal edited images, I wanted to get this up quickly)
This is the picture that started it all.(November 2014) Da Brat & I at a charity shopping event. Need I say more!


File Aug 24, 9 51 28 PM

By February of 2015, I was fed up with the way I looked and decided to do something about it. I changed my eating habits and started working out 5 to 6 days a week, every week & by April I looked like this. I’m in the same jeans that I wore in Da Brat Picture(my oldest daughter and I before her Junior Prom). I had lost over 10 pounds and a lot of inches.WooHoo!!

File Aug 24, 9 41 03 PM

Here’s another picture of me in those same jeans(Below)
Outfit Details:
Jean’s, Page Denim
Blazer, Old, from my Boutique
Wedges, Christian Louboutin
I was Caute Hontey!!!(Cute, Honey)

File Aug 24, 10 14 11 PM

I kept at it, and my body just kept getting better and better!
Here’s how I looked by the end of June. I was down another 8 pounds and even more inches. I had to go through my closet and give away a lot of my clothes. This was the one of the hardest things I have every had to do! I love my clothes like family members. I had so many unique, designer, one of a kind pieces that I just couldn’t part with. I am thinking about selling them, because the reality is, I can’t fit them. I originally started this weight loss journey to get back into my wardrobe. I have lost so many inches and my body is just different and now I have say goodbye to my awesome wardrobe and rebuild it with amazing pieces I can fit. I will talk more about the Death of my Booty in a later post.(Sigh)

Outfit Details:(Below)
Blazer, Vera Wang
Jeans, Express
Belt, Old, Some boutique in LA off Melrose
Shoes, Old Bakers

File Aug 24, 9 35 27 PM

Below is the most recent picture of me (end of July 2015) I was back to school shopping with my children. I am so proud of myself and can truly say this is my lifestyle. I am currently in a size 6! I haven’t seen that size in over 15 years! I am not trying to loose any more weight. My focus is toning my body and building my Booty back up with squats.( I’m currently doing a the thirty day squat challenge) I will post before and after Booty Pics after the challenge.

Outfit Details:(Below)
Jumper, Macy’s
Shoes, Nine West
Tote, Longchamp
Kimono, Charlotte Russe

File Aug 24, 9 32 16 PM

My goal for posting this is to inspiring others to get fit and live a healthier lifestyle. If I can do it, you can too!
If you have any questions on what I did specifically to lose the weight, ask away!


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