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New Year, Love Me

Hello Loves,

Welcome to the Relaunch of Style With Nina! Woo Hoo!!! I took a much needed break, but I’m back and it’s on and poppin! I will share with you in future posts what I was up too while on my blog break, but here’s a few major things that happened leading up to the break, We sold a house, Purchased a house in our dream area, Oldest Daughter graduated high school and went to college (this all happened in a span of 90 days, Yikes) If you look back at my last few posts before this one, you will see the process of me getting our old house ready to be sold etc.., Because of all the major changes happening all at once, I had to take a sabbatical (Well,, I’m always doing something!) Ok, Enough of that..On to what this post is about!!

Can you believe it’s about to be 2018!! (Already 2018 in some Countries) I decided to to title this post New Year Love Me because one of the things I learned about myself on my sabbatical is that I’m WAY WAY to hard on myself(and others lol) and I needed to learn to develop more self love, self care practices. I think being “Type A” & Driven naturally makes it hard for me to slow down and love on myself a little. I also think that being “Type A” & Driven can be counter-productive at times(at least for me, lol) and that even though I love to plan, strategize and CONTROL EVERYTHING LOL, I’m learning that a lot of things are out of my control and are in God’s Hands. Getting older (even though I don’t look it! lol) has forced me to realize that, In life, you can Have It All, but you damn sure can’t DO IT ALL! You just can’t! (Believe me, I’ve tried, lol) I am learning to take several steps back, and enjoy the process more, don’t force things to happen, Truly what God has for Me Is FOR ME! I’ve never had a problem doing my part, but being Driven you sure can do other peoples part!(Lol) If you (ME) truly believe that if you do your part, God will step in, then, Do your part only and Let HIM step in and do what He does best.

New Year, Love Me is truly about getting out of my own way and accepting the fact that perfection and high standards are to different things, one is non-existent. Wanting everything to be perfect is (TO ME) essentially a slap in the face for true personal development, because on your way to growing and learn to be a better you, comes mistakes and imperfections. Love Me is saying, you know what..I can’t do it all and that’s OK! Some days the house will look a mess and THAT’S OK, Some days I can’t cook dinner and THAT’S OK! All the Checks on my To-Do list didn’t get checked & THAT’S OK! Learning to breathe and take time for Nina is OK! Self Care is really how you Recharge your Battery! You can’t be the best YOU on a empty charge! You Can’t pour from an empty well!

Another thing I did on my sabbatical(and to stretch myself) is, I started a YOUTUBE CHANNEL, I did this, not to be “Youtube Famous” but because I wanted another creative outlet that pushed me out of my comfort zone. If you want something different in life, you have to do something different in life! For me, Youtube is totally a stretch because I am EXTREMELY PRIVATE! For me being private is part of my perfectionism and the best way to get out of that was putting myself on display! (I will share more on this later) So Make sure you Subscribe to my Channel!

This post is probably All Over The Place, lol… but just know that I’m Back & Stay Tuned for more!!

Outfit Details:

Yall know that I LOVE Vintage & Luxury Items! My NYE outfit was inspired by Balmain. I absolutely love vintage sequin and embellished pieces because the quality is non-existent in todays, fast fashion market. You just can’t do quality FAST(in my opinion) Don’t get me wrong, I like Zara, Topshop & H & M like the next, and you can find quality pieces in those type stores, BUT I personally think vintage items were just made better and to get similar quality you usually have to spend more on luxury items like Balmain or Indie Designers like

Get The Look:

Sequin Shirt (Balmain Inspired) Vintage
Clutch, Vintage
Faux Leather Leggings Express similar
Rhinestone Boots, Jessica Simpson
Metallic lippie

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